What is 'data cabling'?
What happens if I rent out my property and I do not have one?
Is PAT testing really that important?
Would it not be cheaper for me to have an employee carry out the PAT testing?
What is an audio visual system?
Why might my business need an AV system?
What types of AV system can be installed?
My radiator will not heat up properly, the top half remains cold as the bottom half heats?
My hot water does not get hot enough!
What exactly are the benefits of double glazing?
Some switches in my property feel quite hot to the touch…?
My light bulbs seem to be constantly burning out…?
Can Millers provide the physical certificate after the inspection?
Why call a specialist to install or fix lighting?
What are LED lights?
Do you carry out network cabling for businesses?
What is the difference between Cat5 and Cat6?
Is Millers Emergency Electrician service available 24/7?
Can you deal with power restoration?
If I can identify the problem I am having, should I try to fix it myself?
How can I tell if I need a new fuse board?
What are the tell-tale signs of an old fusebox?
Should landlords upgrade their fuse boards?
If there is a fault at my property, can Millers send out an electrician on the same day?
Are you NIC EIC approved?
What are Lutron and Rako?
My breaker will not reset after it has been tripped…?