Audio Visual Systems

For audio visual system installation, repair and maintenance in London, look no further.

  • Whether you need an audio visual system for a home entertainment hub or a meeting room upgrade, Millers Electrical is here to help. We have years of experience of working with businesses and families to install and maintain all types of audio visual (AV) systems.

  • Our audio visual system services are available throughout the London area, all offered at competitive prices. Our friendly, professional electricians will carry out work quickly, and with minimal fuss. We appreciate the need to not interrupt your workplace or home, and we’ll do everything we can to minimise disruption as we work.

  • Do you have questions about audio visual systems? Please check our handy FAQs, below, to find out more about our services.
    What is an audio visual system?

    An audio visual (AV) system usually combines a screen or projector with audio equipment, and is suited for purposes as varied as watching blockbuster movies to holding a conference call with people across the globe. Other systems may be audio- or visual-only, depending on requirements.

    What types of AV system can be installed?

    There are numerous types of AV systems, and we can create bespoke, custom AV systems that best meet your requirements. We’ve worked on AV installations and repairs for years, and our in-depth knowledge will help us to put together the perfect system for you.

    Types of AV systems we can install include:

    Background music systems (ideal for background music in shops, hotels, etc)
    Digital signage (to show bespoke visuals)
    Home systems (cutting-edge home entertainment)
    Meeting room systems (perfect for presentations, conference calls and meetings)
    Video walls (make use of a wall for striking visuals)

    Why might my business need an AV system?

    Audio visual systems are increasingly an essential need for companies, and video conferencing is an important component of running a business. Video conferencing is a big improvement over a normal conference call; it adds a visual dimension to the call, and enables participants to see one another, and show items on screen. AV systems are also perfect for giving multimedia presentations – a must for any modern, entrepreneurial business.

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