Fuse board upgrades

We offer fast and cost-effective fuse board upgrades, keeping London switched on.

  • If you need a fuse board installation or want to replace an old-type fuse board, or box, we’re here to help. Our fully qualified electricians have years of experience, and can easily upgrade your fuse board in no time. We work across London, and can carry out fuse board installations on commercial properties, houses and offices. Whatever your situation, we’ll make sure you have a fuse board that meets your needs.

  • Need a new fuseboard?

    You may need a fuse board upgrade without realising it; many homes in the UK still have an old-type fuse box. These can sometimes be unsafe, and are hugely inferior to the new consumer units. The best way to find out if you have an old-type fuse box is to give us a call – we can either discuss your fuse box over the phone, or send an electrician around for an electrical inspection.

  • Cost-effective fuse board repairs

    We also offer repairs on current consumer units, such as replacing faulty MCBs (miniature circuit breakers). This includes repair or replacement for RCDs (residual-current device_ and split RCDs; these devices break the electric current instantly to prevent serious injury.

  • Common fuse board questions
    How can I tell if I need a new fuse board?

    There are many reasons why you might benefit from a fuse board upgrade. The main one, of course, is safety. A new fuse board will be more reliable, ensuring that your family is safe – after all, electricity can sometimes be dangerous. It’s also important to ensure that your property meets the sufficient legal standards, as there are important regulations surrounding fuse boards. The current regulations, known as the 17th Edition, are designed to ensure that properties are safe, and work should only be carried out by an electrician holding a 17th Edition qualification.

    Should landlords upgrade their fuse boards?

    Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants to ensure that properties they are renting out are completely safe. If you’re a landlord, upgrading the fuse board to a consumer unit will help give you – and your tenants – peace of mind. If you’re aware that your property hasn’t had its electrics upgraded for some years, it is definitely worth carry out an electrical inspection. The Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 requires landlords to ensure that properties are completely safe before the beginning of a tenancy, so it’s better safe than sorry!

    What are the tell-tale signs of an old fusebox?

    It can sometimes be tricky to identify an old-style fuse board; that’s why it’s best to just give as a call for some free advice. However, there are some tell-tale signs. If your fuse board has a wooden back, cast iron switches or both, this almost certainly means you have an old-style fuse board. If you think your fuse board meets these descriptions, you should definitely upgrade to a much safer, modern consumer board.

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