Lighting Specialist

Millers Electrical is a lighting specialist, providing lighting solutions to London homes and businesses at affordable prices.

  • At Millers Electrical, we’ve been working with different types of lighting for years. From LED to Rako to Lutron systems, we have the experience to provide the lighting solutions you need.

    We can install lighting in homes, offices and other commercial buildings. Our years of providing London with specialist lighting services means that we know exactly which types of LED bulb works well with Rako and Lutron. This helps us provide long-lasting, tailored lighting solutions.

    Whether you need dimmer lights, spotlights or other lighting fixtures installed, we’re here to help. Different spaces and different settings have very different needs – for example, an office will require different lighting to a living room. Whatever you need, you can rely on our expertise to get your lighting just right.

  • Please check our handy FAQs, below, to find out more about our lighting system installation services.
    What are Lutron and Rako?

    Lutron and Rako are brands of lighting systems. Both use modern technology to provide high-quality lighting, perfect for creating just the right atmosphere. Both are energy efficient, and offer a range of products to create a tailored lighting solution. Rako and Lutron are both relatively straightforward to install, meaning that we can get the job done quickly.

    What are LED lights?

    LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’, and LED lights are widely used throughout appliances, technology, houses and commercial buildings. LEDs have a number of distinct advantages over incandescent light sources; they are more energy-efficient and typically last a lot longer.

    This is partly why LED home lighting has become commonplace. LEDs require less energy consumption than other home lighting systems, as well as having fewer environmental concerns associated with their disposal.

    Why call a specialist to install or fix lighting?

    Sorting out your lighting isn’t always as simple as changing a light bulb. Sometimes there can be more persistent problems than a burnt out bulb – for example, do your lights have a persistent flicker? Lights still won’t come on after changing a bulb?

    Our lighting specialists are experienced professionals, and we’ve seen it all. Fixing and installing lighting also involves working with electricity and wiring – something that should only be carried out by a qualified expert.

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